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diving-in-the-air asked
If Black Widow is actually widow (Melissa) then it would be ridiculous.

Well, she was originally called Lady in Black, and then a fan used Black Widow and Marlene King said she liked that better… So hopefully she’s not actually a widow! 

blackkidkane asked
If they were on the roof how do we know they aren't A? Who's to say the person who was on the roof/ who killed miss D was head A, the liars I think are still large suspects, I don't think A killed Mrs D, I think someone involved in the girl (maybe sara's) murder killed her because she knew too much, and the person on the roof was a henchman, my bets are Paige, Mike, Hanna or Ali and Mona together :3

This is what we’re trying to sort out. We’re assuming that Head A was the one who attacked on the roof. We think that if it wasn’t Head A, that they would’ve revealed who it was… Because the big deal was that it wasn’t Ezra. At this point, we think that the A that we keep seeing is Head A, because who is left? We know about the others. The big reveal at this point will be Head A!

madtav asked
Hey ladies! I'm happy about the finale.. I feel like we finally got some answers. What do you think about Mrs. D in the grave at the end?!

We’re happy about it too - just the right amount of answers and new questions! We LOVED Mrs. D in the grave at the end! Definitely didn’t see that coming!! Plus, it erased all the theories that she was A… Basically it was genius and we’re now even more curious who A could be!!

provokexsomething asked
Your Head A Suspect List is awesome! I would add Wren as one of the main suspects since everything about him is shady and there's no proof he did stay in London.

Thank you!! Our only problem with Wren is that he wasn’t even in Rosewood (or potentially Pennsylvania) at the time of Ali’s disappearance since Melissa met him in college. Though that would be a very interesting twist… HMMM!

namelessliver asked
Well, we didn't see Veronica Hastings after that, but the girls were in New York, and it's an hour long travel from Philly to New York, even more from Rosewood, so I'd cross her out, maybe

See that maybe is killing us! We don’t want to cross off any maybes because we know the writers are tricky! But she will be classified like Holbrook, highly unlikely.

prettylittlehanison asked
Tom Marin was confirmed to be in Australia..

Oh he was? We must’ve missed that! We will cross him off. Thank you!

Head A Suspect List

Here are all of the characters we have met on the show, in alphabetical order:

  • Alison DiLaurentis: she was on the roof when A attacked.
  • Aria Montgomery: she was on the roof when A attacked.
  • Ashley Marin: doesn’t seem strong enough to leap between two buildings or pull herself up, nor do we think she would want to kill her daughter.
  • Byron Montgomery: assumed to be in Syracuse. 
  • Caleb Rivers: assumed to be in Ravenswood.
  • CeCe Drake: she was in handcuffs in the police station when A was attacking the Liars on the roof.
  • Darren Wilden: confirmed dead in episode 4x01.
  • Ella Montgomery: assumed to be in Italy. We also don’t think she’d want to kill her daughter.
  • Emily Fields: she was on the roof when A attacked.
  • Ezra Fitz: he was on the roof when A attacked.
  • Gabriel Holbrook: he was in the police station when the Philly police found the Liars’ cell phones, just before A attacked them on the roof.
  • Garrett Reynolds: died in episode 3x13.
  • Hanna Marin: she was on the roof when A attacked.
  • Holden Strauss: hasn’t been around for a long time, but ran in the same crowd as Maya and could always reappear…
  • Ian Thomas: died in episode 2x04.
  • Jake, Aria’s Boyfriend: he is nimble enough to make the leap and strong enough to climb the wall. He also hates Ezra.
  • Jason DiLaurentis: he lied about being in rehab, and was “out of it” the night Alison disappeared.
  • Jenna Marshall: assuming she really is blind, she could not aim a gun let alone jump between buildings.
  • Jessica DiLaurentis: she was buried (presumably dead) by Head A at the end of episode 4x24.
  • Kenneth DiLaurentis: he has been MIA since he and Jessica got a divorce, but the last time we saw him he was very mad at Hanna.
  • Lucas Gottesman: he helped Mona (and hated Ali), so it’s possible he got greedy and wanted to do more.
  • Maya St. Germain: died in episode 2x25.
  • Melissa Hastings: she was in the police station when A was attacking the Liars on the roof.
  • Mike Montgomery: seemed betrayed by Mona, but also has his criminal history and hates Ezra.
  • Mona Vanderwaal: she is already out as A, and has admitted that someone took over for her. Why would she admit something that she’s mad about? She could’ve just lied, but didn’t.
  • Noel Kahn: Ali trusted him, but he disappeared while the Liars talked and was not on the roof…
  • Paige McCullers: gave Detective Holbrook information that Alison was alive and admitted she still hated her.
  • Pam Fields: she doesn’t seem to have the physique required, but we didn’t see her in the episode. We don’t think she would want to kill her daughter.
  • Peter Hastings: he was in the police station when A was attacking the Liars on the roof.
  • Shana: she was trusted by Alison and was run out of town by A, but you never know.
  • Spencer Hastings: she was on the roof when A attacked.
  • Toby Cavanaugh: assumed to be in London, from a stamp on a letter to Spencer, but we have never seen or heard confirmation of this fact.
  • Tom Marin: assumed to be wherever he lives wherever with his new wife. We don’t think he would want to kill his daughter.
  • Wayne Fields: he just suffered a heart attack at A’s expense, so we don’t think he could jump across buildings. We don’t think he’d want to kill his daughter.
  • Wren Kingston: assumed to be in London.
  • Veronica Hastings: she was in the police station before A attacked the Liars, but we did not see her after that. We would assume the cops would not just let her go, but she could’ve snuck out.

Anything you think we should add or point out?

Who do you think it could be?

garbagepailcousin asked
Actually I think the person torturing Ali was not Mona. The original A thought Ali was dead, and Ali told Mona all about it, so I think that the original stalker stopped sending A notes because Ali was dead and there was no reason to. So without the original A there to torture anybody, it left the position wide open for Mona. I think that the original A figured out what Mona was doing and stole it back then.

The reason we assume Mona was torturing Ali is because after they check into the Lost Woods Resort and Alison is taking a nap, they show Mona playing with Ali’s doll in the A Lair, which is one room over.

Has anyone else noticed…


That Ali skipped over her time with Toby? I would think that would be an important part of the night since he was accused of her murder. We cleared a lot of people’s’ names last night and Toby wasn’t one of them.

(I Marlene King is intelligent enough to write more than leaving him out all because he was doing his play. We have NEVER seen scenes of Toby & Ali together that night.)

We love Toby, but we haven’t crossed him off our list just yet!

diving-in-the-air asked
I am confused. Mona was A, right? But, now we have another A who stops Ali from coming to Rosewood? Did she run away from Mona, and now she is hiding from another A? Or did this A exist from the very beginning? But they said someone took game from Mona... Something doesn't add up, am I missing something?

Yes, this is a little confusing because they didn’t give us all the details. We’re assuming that Mona was the A torturing Alison… Then when she got Alison to disappear, she decided that A should torture the Liars. Alison was running away from the person who hit her, who is the same person that took the game away from Mona.

Does that make sense?